As mentioned previously we all have Mumps. As a result we’re finding it difficult to get any work done (as you tend to feel light-headed/dozy/generally crap most of the time) and insanely bored.

Various methods of alleviating of this boredom have been employed in our house over the past while, so I thought I’d share:

  • Playing Risk and following Eddie Izzard‘s advice about which continents you really have to plumb for
  • Playing Monopoly — the English Board version
  • The Bubble Game, originally arrived at via Elmyra’s LJ
  • BlastBilliards
  • Reading far too much of the web, but then failing to blog about it
  • Watching some fantastic flash animations including The Everyone Else Has More Sex Than Me Bunny (via NoVisAnima) and the Suicidal Lemmings Video
  • Playing mesmerizing but incomprehensible games like Grow, Vanilla and Tontie
  • Updates:
  • Enjoying the hamper of goodies our friends delivered as well as the suspicion that our neighbours think something really weird is going on, as people keep coming to the door, ringing the doorbell, putting down a package and then running back to the end of the path and shouting threats/condolences/jibes/jokes at us when we answer
  • Roadies also warrants a mention — it’s a bit like The Incredible Machine although with far fewer levels 😉 Top score so far is 11375 upon completion
  • Enjoying the gorgeous bread that Tony made for us and delivered. Hopefully he’ll take this as a hint to start blogging again and post the recipe
  • To be expanded as the boredom continues…