I’ve said before that geeks think differently. Yesterday, however, Si chose to once again highlight how different the thought patterns can be.

We were all lined up in front of the telly, waiting for our starring appearance to come on the evening news. A number of our friends had already said they’d very much like to see us all look mump-ridden on ITV News but wouldn’t be near a television at the appropriate time, so could we please tape it for them. Now our video machine has issues. Connecting to the television doesn’t quite work (unless you connect at exactly the right not-quite-secure angle and squint a bit), tuning in is a separate issue and in any case it has been known to chew tapes so we weren’t too happy giving up the first few mins of any sort of tape that we wanted to keep. No blanks around. Bollocks.

The average household (mump-ridden or no) would have given up at 6pm when the show was about to start. Not so the House of Geek. Simon grabbed his laptop and trusty iSight, pointed it at the television screen. Some fiddling, a little positioning and a few software glitches later, the relevant 2 minute shot was captured. We then continued the aliasing conversation we had started earlier with the fearful cameraman, trying to explain the range of defects in the sample Si had captured.

Moral of the story: don’t aim products at us, kids. We just don’t think like normal people.