Hotmail announced months ago that they’d be increasing the basic storage limit of accounts from 2MB to 250MB (because of the competition from Gmail). 4 months down the line my Hotmail spam-and-worthless-registrations account still has a limit of 2MB.

This is why Google will win. They get an idea, line their ducks up in a row and make it happen. They don’t make stupid claims that they will match a competitor (OK, admittedly they’re usually out there in front) and then lose credibility by taking absolutely ages to do it. What annoys me most about the Hotmail situation is that although they’ve announced they’re increasing all the mailboxes, I still get stupid emails every time my account hits 80% full telling me I should upgrade to Hotmail Plus and pay a tenner a month or something to get 10MB storage.

When someone changes the game, you should make sure your organisation is playing by the new rules before you go chasing after them.

PS Absolute gem found at the bottom of the BBC article linked above : Shiremail, for all you nasty little hobbitses