As previously discussed, I have RSI. Since I developed it over the course of my year away working, now that I am back at uni I’ve suddenly realised how much it hurts to write. Even though a normal lecture is only 50 mins long, writing solidly for that amount of time is proving increasing difficult.

Since I manage to work on computers for 50 mins at a time with no problems (perhaps because one’s hands are more relaxed when typing vs writing) I figured I should get myself a laptop setup so I could take notes electronically. Online shopping being the beautiful thing that it is, I am now the proud owner of an IBM Thinkpad 570 and a new docking station will arrive for it tomorrow. The laptop itself didn’t come from the linked shop, but the docking station is coming from who really seem to know their stuff. UPDATE: No, they don’t. They told me the docking station came with drives included, but when it arrived it didn’t. When I rang up to ask for the drives to be sent as well they said the original information is wrong and are being singularly unhelpful in resolving the issue

My reasons for choosing this particular laptop are multiple — I used to have one at work a few years ago and although it struggled under the weight of Win98, I think it will run Linux like a dream. It’s a particularly lightweight model and apparently works with Debian. Although if I’m honest I’m thinking of trying Feather Linux on my USB key and seeing if that will work. Admittedly I couldn’t get it to boot from USB earlier today, hence buying the docking station. But arguably if I can get Linux running happily on it I might be able to update the BIOS and then have a chance of booting from more modern peripherals.