Elly got me the 46664 albums for my birthday. I’ve been listening to them rather a lot and it’s amazing how eclectic the collection of songs is, yet how well this works. The speeches are particularly moving, especially Bob Geldof’s explanation of their presence:

“the reason we?re here is because a frail, old gentlemen, who is one of the few giants of our planet, summoned us here and you cannot refuse him anything.
This is a man whose entire life is characterised by the pursuit of justice through political action and it says something that this frail, old gent with his resolute conviction that will defeat oppressors, with his
forgiveness and grace that puts a new meaning to the dignity of man, has decided that in his old age the greatest political peril that faces the world is the scourge of AIDS and we just happen to agree with that”

In case you missed it the first time around, go and pledge something , even if it’s just one minute of your life. If you think this doesn’t affect you, that’s your prerogative, but my condolences in advance for the pain you’ll feel when you realise just how much it does.