As I alluded to a couple of posts ago, we wandered off to Dublin for a long weekend, so for anyone vaguely interested I thought I should write it up. Basically, we went for four days, flying Ryanair (crap, but oh so cheap) from Bristol last Saturday. Upon arrival we encountered the hilarious cabby who drove us to our hotel. The hotel was really quite nice, although rather randomly (given this is Dublin) almost exclusively by Romanians. They were lovely though 🙂

We spent the days & evenings wandering around Temple Bar as well as the rest of central Dublin. It was lovely, the river picturesque, the people friendly and the garda hilarious. We asked one if he knew of any tattoo shops in a particular area and he not only provided directions but testimonials of a fair few, based on the experiences of “the lads at the station”.

After shopping for some fabulous tourist kitsch for the new housemate (there are others but they don’t have cool websites ;-P) and sampling some Guinness , we headed off to Zulu Tattoo to get some work done. I added an eagle to my collection, on my right shoulder, as shown in the picture alongside. Elly had a really beautiful fish done.