We’re on holiday in Dublin. Just for a few days before I start back at uni again (the full-time job finished Thursday for me). We arrived at the airport yesterday afternoon and were driven to our hotel by a hilarious taxi driver. He pointed out the landmarks (“That’s the spire of Dublin, used to be a statue there but it was blown up”) as well as some places of interest.

Then we pass The Clarence, which is run by the band U2. The conversation goes something like this:

Taxidriver: That’s the hotel that U2 own, you know, the band?
Me: OK, cool 🙂
Taxidriver: That Bono, thinks he’s God or something
Me: I suppose he might think he has some evidence — all those people at his concerts
Taxidriver: Yes and he does seem to have the holes in his hands where all the money keeps falling through!