There’s another of these “spot wildlife and tell us about it” projects being started up,
this time for the
endangered red squirrel
. Now, I have to admit that when they first starting
bringing out the ridiculously expensive camera phones, I was part of the chorus
saying that they’d been overhyped, they’d obviously never get used and they would
probably be crap anyway. Well,
my new phone
has proved me wrong(when I eventually get around
to writing up some reviews of concerts we’ve been to recently, you’ll see), but I
think projects such as these have proved the worth of the (now much less expensive)
camera phone.

They’ve now been used to
halt potentially dangerous flights
, and
. So perhaps this convergence isn’t just a gimic, although many still
Manufacturers seem to be catching a clue about the “whack them together ‘coz we can”
approach being a bit crap … Elly
recently found a great example, in the form of a
. Anyone got other good or numbskull examples of convergence devices?