I’ve been using Gmail for a while now and on the whole I like it. The interface is slick and though I disagree with its lack of accessibility, it does the rest of the job nicely. The search is fantastic, as you’d expect, having “labels” instead of “folders” makes a lot of sense (basically you can double-group things) and the conversations are great (Gmail automatically puts all the replies to an email together in a thread).

Except for one thing.

Sometimes it gets the conversations wrong — or rather, doesn’t put things together when they really are part of the same thread. I imagine this happens because someone replies with a different subject, or doesn’t quote the whole email you sent them when they reply or whatever and the algorithm simply isn’t good enough. That’s not a problem. It’s a complicated piece of logic and there’s no telling what people will do with emails sometimes.

But I would really really like the ability to go “hey, this is really another episode in that previous thread I had”, tick each and just merge the two together.