I’m currently working on a small extra project to find an appropriate CMS for a small site, the key needs being that it is very simple & usable, easy to update and yet standards compliant.

I’ll probably write more about my experiences with this whole project later on, but for now I thought I’d mentioned a great site I’ve found in the course of researching : OpenSourceCMS.com. Essentially the site allows you to try out the default installs of a load of open source systems, so you can “try before you buy” (or not, as the case may be). This is brilliant, since I thought I’d need to install loads of these to try them out, which is painstaking and often means you don’t get to try the system if the install is a bit of a bitch.

Great stuff!

While we’re on the subject, do people have recommendations or experiences of any of the free to cheap CMSes out there? Ideally I am looking for something to manage a website rather than a blog, although blogging software is an option depending on how easily it can be made to behave different. I’ve already discovered some of the WordPress as a CMS hacks, but it seems coding is needed too often in expanding the site for my needs in this instance.