• Worldchanging has an interesting
    article about “cool”
    . If they can
    pull these off they’ll be fantastic — I love the idea of my laptop running for
    longer than currently on a battery the size of 4 sugarcubes.
  • Eliza
    sex-bot passes Turing test
    — I’m not sure whether this is a sad reflection on
    humanity or not
  • Jason has a fantastic comedy (or possibly
    predictive) post about the
    Cult of Ken Jennings
    , where he describes a world when the Jeopardy-winning dude’s
    winning streak carries on so long it becomes part of the game. I think we should
    all remember he predicted it first 😉
  • BugMeNot’s Registration Form is one
    of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. My favourite questions are:

    Would you be willing to have an RFID chip inserted under your skin in
    exchange for a free, 12 month newspaper subscription?
    What if we told you that you couldn’t access news unless you agreed?

    Make sure you read right to the end, it’s worth it!

  • Interesting
    look at the changing state of the diamond market
    via Kottke
  • Great story about a Microsoft presenter assuming everyone uses IE and being

    completely wrong
    . As the article suggests, what if Mozilla
    really does win?
  • Some interesting design
    . Worth a read

  • Zoom in IE
    , via ParanoidFish
  • GooglePreview puts thumbnails
    of the site next to Google search results. Looks quite a cute Firefox extension;
    via ParanoidFish
  • So, what happens when you have a load of tribal artefacts and you parade them around
    their country of origin?
    They take them back
    . Bloody fantastic! And they’ve hit the nail on the head, when they

    “If you haven’t got a past then you haven’t got a future and it is our future at stake here.”

  • We were surprised when we heard that Google in
    the UK had slowed down to MyDoom. Surely they’re not running Windows? Well, as this article
    explains, it was actually
    requests from infected Win machines that slowed Google down
    . We can all rest easy again 😉