• Interesting article about “barefoot solar engineers” — illiterate but hardworking women building solar energy kit and earning a lot of respect in their communities for it, which is cool. I also agree that their work being sponsored by the Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources is quality
  • I also remembered why I love reading Neil Gaiman’s journal so much when I found him saying this, in reference to a news story about a pastor wanting to burn sinful books, being denied by the council and it being suggested he shred them instead:

    “I’m sure this is the kind of pastor who would assure you that in the bible, Jesus always made a point of burning his novels, tee-shirts and CDs on proper bonfires. None of that new-fangled shredding nonsense for him.”

  • A computer in a motorbike petrol tank?. Of course. Now why didn’t I think of that?
  • There goes anonymity. And political freedom. But hell, nevermind, hey? Incidentally, it’s the anniversary of the moon landing (or not, if that’s the way you prefer to think). Seems strangely ironic.
  • Googlefight is my new favourite made-up-statistics tool. Amused that the Linux-Windows fight is quite that close though…
  • Burgers don’t kill people. People kill people” — Alton Brown’s website almost makes me want to get satellite TV just to see his show
  • Grouphug — the online confessional is really really weird. And addictive. Just like Neil Gaiman says:“It’s like driving down a road, passing car crash after car crash, and always having to slow down and watch.”