Interesting article over on the BBC about how even in games, you have to work for money. It’s a good article, if only because it has the line:

“It just seems ironic that our key leisure activity is so fixated with toil and earning, albeit through killing and stealing.”

I never really thought about this before, really. Most games do have some sort of earn/spend activity going on and it’s often fairly essential to the gameplay. Now there’s two ways of thinking of this — both intriguing. Either the game designers were so entrenched in the real world that they couldn’t conceive of a different set of dynamics (even when doing things earns you new weapons, armour, etc, there’s still a earn/receive dynamic), or they used this familiar set of rules to make the gameplay more intuitive to those playing. After all we all earn and spend money to some extent, even the gamers who hardly ever see the light of day.

So what is it? Great use of intuitive design or blind conformance to the rules of the world we live in? Does it matter?