I used to love computer games. From playing Tetris on the computer my dad used to bring home from work sometimes (a x8086 I think…), through to Alley Cat and the original DOS-based Kings Quest games when we finally got our own 286, I spent hours playing. My little brother learnt to read watching me play Kings Quest III over an over again.

Unfortunately though, when I went off to boarding school at the age of 13, my computer access was drastically reduced and so too my playing time. Although I managed to carry on with a few favourites (the various evolutions of Civilization, progressing into Alpha Centauri), on the whole I didn’t get to play much. Once I’d finished school and moved over to the UK, I was too busy working to do much either. Since I moved flat and started living with Elmyra (who has a PS2), I’ve been playing some GTA3, but more than anything this has proven to me that I am _way_ behind in this whole gaming endeavour.

Something has changed all of this. Elly finished her degree a couple of weeks ago. Since she’d done nothing but work, work, work for the last 9 months, I got her a PS2 to fill the free time. And some games. And a dance mat or two. And every other accessory I could find.

So now, we have games. And free weekends, no longer needing to build models or frame things on foamboard. So we play. Hot damn it’s fun!

I can recommend:
Devil May Cry — picked this up for a fiver in the game store and it’s great. Beautiful graphics (yes, I am a bit behind! 😉 ), fun weapons and interesting puzzles. I found it a bit hard to get into at first (some of the puzzles stumped me for a while), but now it’s going it’s great.

Baldur’s Gate, Dark Alliance — this is one of the only games we’ve found that we can happily play together, since we needn’t compete. Not too far in it yet, but it is great so far, particularly since it is so reminiscent of Diablo, which we both loved on PC.

Anyway, best get back to the fighting!