Simon has a great post up about a new service, TheyWorkForYou. Essentially this helps you track your MP, what they say in the House of Commons and generally how well they are representing you.

Firstly, this strikes me as an amazing site, a great service and a real “changing the game” way of applying technology. Secondly, it occurs to me that this is what the US is missing … and really really needs.

Now, don’t get me wrong — I’m sure we have politicians affected by special interests in the UK as well. But I really don’t think the issue is anywhere near as endemic or as problematic as in the US. Can you imagine if you could see every vote your elected representatives had ever cast? Not just in the papers when one party is trying to spindoctor against another, but every vote … easily, quickly and in an RSS feed to tell you when your rep has spoken?

Everyone thought Dean had created a revolution with his use of the internet — but maybe that was just the taster and this is the killer app.