Where have I been, you might ask? Well, you probably won’t since most of you will only turn up here when blo.gs says that I’ve updated, but even so when you arrive you might wonder why you haven’t been here in a while and anyway all I have to say is about why I haven’t been about in a bit.

So, yeah. Architecture. Hard course, y’know? Lots of work and work and computer modelling and real-world modelling and stuff. I don’t know how she does it. Makes CompSci look a doddle — and having a real job. So I figured I should help. As you saw previously, I was helping out with some modelling.

Since then I’ve finished off that model:

Seen from the front: Model of a small village (all painted green) with a set of interesting buildings merged into the contoured slope to the South, in brilliant white for contrast

Seen from the side: The same model as above, in the background showing some smaller concept models of the same sort of single aspect contoured housing

This basically just involved a lot of wandering around Homebase going “yes, I really do want this shade of green, don’t worry I won’t paint the nursery this colour or anything, no that brighter one just _won’t_ do” and then spending a lot of time with a newspaper bib on trying not to get green paint all over myself. Oh and a whole lot more intricate, hand-injuring modelling of the little white buildings which are actually Elly’s project — and pretty damn cool.

You can’t really see a lot of the actual little buildings from those photos, so to do it some sort of justice here are some of the visuals from the project:

Four panels of visuals of people in some single aspect housing, looking out over green hills

The whole thing is pretty cool and has had a lot of inspiration and sleeplessness poured into it. I took Monday and Tuesday off last week to help and ended up working Fri & Sat nights on the door at my regular job, then from Sunday 11am all the way through to about 2am Tuesday. Not my record for working hours in a row, but definitely the record for working on someone else’s project. This meant that my shortened week back at work was tired (especially as it included a trip to Newcastle) and manic, since I had 5 days work to complete in about 2 office days. This weekend I’ve not had much to do as it’s all on computer (and we only have one with the necessary software and frankly I don’t have the skillz anyway), but next weekend I’ll be spraymounting things and slicing foamboard with the rest of them. It’s all quite fun, but only if it’s not your degree on the line, I expect.

I realise this post was a bit LiveJournal-esque, but I figured it was better than absolute silence continuing for another couple of weeks … and you have to admit those models are cool 😉