I haven’t blogged in a little while because my offline life sometimes conspires to remove my online presence from the web. Last week it was work being busy, various meetings about where I might want to go once I’ve graduated and having Friday off to help Elly with her final year architecture project.

Fri, Sat and Sun were all spent helping with aforementioned project (with time off in between to go earn money tutoring maths and then working as a doorman), building a little village worth of tiny 1:500 scale models of houses, outbuildings and shops. They didn’t have to be hugely detailed, just showing what was in the area surrounding the main site, to give El’s design a bit of context. So they fell to me.

Here are a couple of pics:
Photo of the model showing a number of small buildings modeled in grey cardboard

Similar photo showing some other buildings evidently from a different angle

I have learnt a few things this weekend:
— scalpels are often sharper than you expect, even when blunt
— my hands are too big for tiny tiny models
— thick cardboard is a bastard to cut
— RSI makes your hands shake

The combination of these means my hands are sore, there are blood specks on some of the buildings, but there is a little carboard village in existence because of me.

Now I am off to sleep, as tomorrow I have to get to London and then to Geneva. Public transport all the way, baby.