• This little game has wasted a lot of my time this weekend: Blast Billiards v 4 — basically pool with a couple of twists and a time limit. Surprisingly engaging!
  • Kayode has an entry about an interesting service for protecting your privacy — seems like a great idea to me, looking forward to seeing it tested
  • More because I need to remember it’s there for when I redirect people, but also because it looks like a great resource: Dave Shea’s Roadmap to Standards
  • Tim Bray has a great article about Web services practice and theory, a great 2 minute guide to what’s already working in the web services arena and what is probably a bit too pipe-dreamish to bet your success on just yet. Insightful and easily digestible. A previous insight on real life business usage of syndication is worth a look too 🙂
  • I managed to miss that the NHS might ditch Micro$oft, but I’ve decided that this article contains possibly the best summary of Linux ever:

    “Linux is an ‘open-source’ system for running computers invented by a young Finnish student in 1991 and refined by thousands of programmers working together across the internet.”

  • Doing everything with Movable Type is an interesting look at how MT can be used as a general content manager and expanded beyond the blogosphere. via Simplebits
  • Attack of the Homosexuals — quality comic :: “We come seeking equal marriage rights; take us to your courts”
  • Quality story over at GGA about a blind date contestant choosing PS2 over the girl