It’s 9.15pm and I’m still at work, so don’t kill me for this being just another blogmarks entry. I have some cool stuff for y’all.

  • This laser technology looks really really cool — it allows superimposed images on top of what you’re actually seeing and is being piloted for mechanics and surgeons, who want to see manual details or scan results when they are actually working. I can see their being a lot of great practical hands-free applications for this sort of work … but how long before you find you’re on a date and someone has a monocle showing them notes about you or working out what your kids would look like? Interested to see where this goes
  • This skate-boarding dog is just the funniest thing ever. And I think it’s for real too … how long before he’s a TV star do you reckon? And I’d love to know how they taught him to do that…
  • Apparently computer security is a big deal and companies are losing out due to lack of it. And we don’t have the computer security skills in business to deal with it. What a shock. Shall we start a “provide cold pizza to a hacker and he’ll secure your network” campaign?
  • Devil duck USB storage!! — I want, I want, I want!! via Neil Gaiman