• Latte with a Marilyn Monroe face please — cool story about a guy who paints faces in the foam on your coffee. Presumably you get slow mornings in Aussie coffee shops sometimes…
  • Gay for Payday logo — Gay for Payday seems a catchy little campaign, which I found via Bradlands (the guy who found the social engineering security hole in GMail), who incidentally also has a very funny (if extremely cynical) page all about being single
  • It’s getting chilly in Hellvia Si
  • I almost laughed out loud when I found this absolute quality rant about a guy who found his spark plugs had been sawn off his motorbike to be used as crackpipes — worth reading to the end as it’s just sooo funny
  • Quality rant about fat, which includes the following fantastic insight into the American attitude to dieting:

    We may drive environmentally insane SUVs that dump untold tonnes of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere; we may consume a vastly disproportionate share of the world’s diminishing natural resources; we may support a foreign policy that consists of throwing America’s military weight around without regard to objections from our allies – but at least we don’t eat that extra cookie when it’s offered to us

    via Neil Gaiman

  • Too much time on your hands? Construct a mouse pad that helps you endure the summer heat by creating a soothing breeze. Complete with flashy blue lights, via Slashdot