I have too many sources of information. That blogroll down the side there seems to grow every day and the amount of time I have for surfing, reading, digesting and then blogging is less every week. What’s worse is that many of those that I read, as well as my news sources that now send me digest emails, act as a portal into a whole new _realm_ of information. The linkblogging habits of those I respect and read are filling up my tabs and increasing the number of posts I have that are simply blogmarks, with little or no extra commentary. This of course means that original content is few and far between as well.

Why did it take me so long to notice? Probably because I was too busy reading things on the web!! It wasn’t until this morning when I was driving that I really thought about it at all. Ironic, really, that when I’d taken the morning off to take a really nice drive from Bath to London, along all the nice twisty minor roads in the spring sunshine, that I was thinking about my blog. And my attempt at a Debian installation, which has also been vortex-like in absorbing my time.

What am I going to do about it? About what? Well I’m going to document my Debian troubles in the potentially vain hope that someone will be able to proffer some helpful advice. Or maybe learn from the help that I’ve already received, from housemates, by sifting through help topics on a variety of websites and even from books.

And about the blogging? I’m going to resolve to write some actual content at least twice per week. There will also be lots of blogmark entries, since I really enjoy a lot of the things that I find, through the blogroll and the other sources, and I don’t want to give that up. But I’m going to be a bit more ruthless about reading everything that I find interesting (because, after all, that’s just a spiral down into no sleep, no food and an angry girlfriend) and closing tabs once I’ve read the first paragraph and honestly am never going to get to the rest. However interesting it might be.

I’ve diversified a bit too much. So now I think I’m going to go back to my main interests. If I were being horrifically corporate, I’d describe this as a return to my “core competencies”. But I haven’t been here __that__ long. So I’m going to try and write some more useful, original things. To be honest this should just be more a matter of articulating what I’m thinking about already.

But more on that tomorrow. For now let me unload some links into a nice blogmark entry, so at least you might get some interest out of this page, particularly if my introspective prattling has become annoying by this point 😉