I have finally given in and installed Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist. The installation was painless and I have to agree with Elly and KC that it’s a great tool. I know that apparently it will be superseded by MT 3.0, but the spamming was annoying me enough that I thought I should install it anyway. I’m not sold on this new-fangled typekey idea anyway.

Hopefully this will now mean that I get more time to blog. But I wouldn’t count on it. Incidentally, a side effect of Google seeing all and never forgetting is that not only your own life is immortalized, but also references to others in your life. Which, presumably, is why despite finding the site using my name, a certain old “acquaintance” spent a while searching for her own name or possible references to her last week. Looking through the logs it amused me greatly. I’d serve up the search queries, except that it would return results next time she stops by 😉

So for now I’ll leave you with some random search strings that have brought people to this site in the last month:

* importance of training
* bootable distros
* outsourcing and effect on programmers
* design by committee
* firefox icon
* linux cd-bootable
* meaning of gay persecution
* software usability cartoon
* apple case mods
* bootable distros
* cd bootable linux
* cthulhu chick track
* dorkspotter
* effect of outsourcing programmers
* for someone who did research on gay rights
* interesting things
* language barrier and outsourcing
* meri fanfic
* microsoft employ

I love how random this is. And, for the record, Micro$oft don’t employ me and probably never will