I read Mark Pilgrim for his tech commentary. I am, after all, a techie and a geek at heart. Geeks are a diverse bunch … our love/hate relationship with technology is one of the few things that we all have (OK and experience of bullying appears quite a common one too). I would never expect to hold the same political views as many of the geeks that I really respect.

It feels really good, though, when something dear to your heart receives supported from an unexpected quarter:

I am strongly in favor of allowing heterosexuals to continue to marry. I don?t believe, as some people do, that only homosexuals are capable of loving, committed relationships. I know, 50% divorce rate, blah blah. That doesn?t mean people should be denied the opportunity solely based on their sexual orientation. It?s not like being heterosexual is a choice. Source

Mark isn’t the only one. Aaron quite vocally exhibited his support. Simon has done on more than one occasion, even more special to me because we are friends in the Real World ™. People like this who have little or no vested interest in this issue, still showing their support … well, it makes me hope that perhaps we will be able to overcome the discrimination somehow. And that I’ll get to marry the girl I love sometime soon. When it is possible, all you guys, you’re invited.

UPDATE: I’ll add Phil to the list as well