I’ve been trying to move flats, recently. Currently I live in a rather interesting, but very cheap room above a Chinese restaurant. Since a friend recently moved to work with me, we are going to be sharing a flat. Flat was successfully found over 3 weeks ago. Since then things have got complicated. And the moving plans even more so.

In the spirit of the Ikea game walkthrough, here’s the Mission Briefing for our moving my stuff later on today:

The plan is as follows:
The Agency will email the relevant document to Meri, codename Freelancer, who will coordinate the replication and approval of the aforementioned document. Once both agents have signed the document, M***** , codename Bluebird, will proceed to Woking to hand over contracts and collect the keycards from our contact at Manners, then continue to the Residence.

Meantime, Freelancer will be picked up by Simone, codename Gettaway, in order to procure the relevant goods from the previous residence, codename DenOfIniquity. Once the vehicle has been solidly reinforced with packing material, they will return to Woking and rendezvous with Bluebird at the Residence. Together the Team will unpack all relevant ecumbrances and disperse.

Extraction Plan: Freelancer and Bluebird will be dropped off by Gettaway at the Woking Railway Station, where they will pose as Corporate Whores returning to their weekend residence in Bath.