Lots of funky stuff, via Paranoid Fish, 0xDECAFBAD, Simon and B3TA, amongst others. Apologies for credit not being direct, but some of this stuff has been in my tabs for DAYS, so I just have no clue

I’ve been trying to move flats, recently. Currently I live in a rather interesting, but very cheap room above a Chinese restaurant. Since a friend recently moved to work with me, we are going to be sharing a flat. Flat was successfully found over 3 weeks ago. Since then things have got complicated. And the moving plans even more so.

In the spirit of the Ikea game walkthrough, here’s the Mission Briefing for our moving my stuff later on today:

The plan is as follows:
The Agency will email the relevant document to Meri, codename Freelancer, who will coordinate the replication and approval of the aforementioned document. Once both agents have signed the document, M***** , codename Bluebird, will proceed to Woking to hand over contracts and collect the keycards from our contact at Manners, then continue to the Residence.

Meantime, Freelancer will be picked up by Simone, codename Gettaway, in order to procure the relevant goods from the previous residence, codename DenOfIniquity. Once the vehicle has been solidly reinforced with packing material, they will return to Woking and rendezvous with Bluebird at the Residence. Together the Team will unpack all relevant ecumbrances and disperse.

Extraction Plan: Freelancer and Bluebird will be dropped off by Gettaway at the Woking Railway Station, where they will pose as Corporate Whores returning to their weekend residence in Bath.

Some interesting things happen in view of Linux and Windows

Along similar lines to my previous ramblings on the matter, Paul Hammond talks about FOAF etiquette and the inherent dangers in this sort of open, undisciplined format. Anyone can say anything about anyone … and Google will remember. Unfortunately (well, maybe not…) Pagerank doesn’t really have a veracity factor to it 😉

Somehow this reminds me of graffiti on the walls of high school changing rooms.

I’ve just checked the recent comments here and they all appear to be spam. Not just spam, but German comment spam. I find them rather amusing so I think that I’ll leave them as they are. They appear to be self-reinforcing and propagating as well LOL.

Soon I’ll get around to installing the latest version of Movable Type, which apparently has some comment spam protection. Else I might have to learn Perl and start modifying the source to have some sort of ranking system like Slashdot. But not yet.

Also, a quick headsup that things are going to be absolutely manic at work this week so I may not post for at least a few days. Chances are I won’t even get to my email, let alone my blog, so sorry. See you in a week or so 🙂

I’ve been saying for years that successful explanation or transfer of knowledge is just as much about good teaching as willingness to learn. Luckily for me, Tim Bray has expressed it much more elegantly in his Two Laws of Explanation. I love that this places the onus on the person explaining, but also gives the listener a responsibility to make clear that they don’t understand and need further explanation.

I wish that this would permeate to the corporate world. In education it is often fair enough that lecturers and tutors go on about “students not wanting to learn”. Equally, I think that the best teachers can make people learn in spite of themselves. But in the corporate world, when someone has taken time out to attend a training course, or to have a meeting to have something explained to them, you can’t claim that they’re just “not trying”. What is much more likely is that you are not reaching them — your training is structured wrong, assumes things it shouldn’t, targets the wrong points. If trainers would take on board that if someone doesn’t understand, they aren’t explaining it well enough (and that those being taught knew that it was not a bad reflection on them that they didn’t understand), then I reckon we’d get so much done so much faster.

I really hope that this becomes a new catchphrase and receives the attention it deserves.