Via Neil Gaiman’s Journal, the story of a 7 year old boy who was embarrassed in front of his class, sent to a “behavioural clinic” and other stupidities for explaining that he had two moms because his parents were gay. No profanities, just a simple and remarkably lucid explanation from a young boy.

I thought that even countries such as America would be far enough down the road of tolerance to not engage in such blatant discrimination and senseless hate-mongering. None of the Americans I know personally behave or think like this and I would like to think that they wouldn’t stand for it. But the simple fact that the teachers involved thought they had the right to do this makes me afraid for society.

I hate to think that my kids will be treated like this one day. I know they’ll have a hard time of it, because kids are kids and kids hate anything different as soon as their parents have taught them to. There are no racist babies, but plenty of racist pre-schoolers. But the fact that schools are behaving like this … well, it makes me furious. What do they teach if they can’t teach respect for other human beings above all else??

This makes me angry, but more than anything it just makes me so so sad.