Well, it’s been a while — I’ve accumulated a fair number of links that definitely require blogging:

  • If you like Bush as much as these guys did on his visit to the UK you might be interested in buying your loved ones the Pants-on-Fire Bush doll
  • This Emergency Guide for what to do if the internet goes down is also absolutely hilarious.
  • If you have a really important message, why not rent this guy’s chest for $20 to get it across?
  • In other news, the crocodile hunter I mentioned earlier has failed in his attempts to capture the animal. LOL! I reckon they should get this guy in to teach it a lesson
  • If you’re stuck for Xmas presents for people (T-5 weeks people!!) then try Subversive CrossStitch … your grandmother may never be the same again!
  • Make sure you don’t break up if you have shared games on your Xbox — because as these two found out it’s impossible to move large saved games across. Via Kottke
  • And as Neil Gaiman noted, you’d hope that people would at least ask who it was when someone rang up with an emergency needing a cash remedy