Been too vocal in the monthly Mob meetings recently? Been caught on camera trying to shoot a president? No fear, because soon you could have a whole new face to protect you. Will this be the end of the open coffins revolution?

Although I can see the point of this for people with serious disfigurement, I think many questions remain unanswered — like, how are the relatives going to react when they see their family member’s face on someone else? Also, if it ends up in the domain of cosmetic surgery (which I can so see happening) then what’s to stop criminals getting completely new faces to protect themselves? If this really happens, then Mary Carey may well be onto a winner in the form of cosmetic surgery tax.

Over in America, in what is possibly the best (and possibly the worst) step towards gay marriage, the state of Massachusetts has ruled that gay couples are legally entitled to marry, saying that barring it was “unconstitutional”. This is fantastic, but the potential conservative backlash, including Bush vowing to constitutionally make marriage defined as heterosexual could be a major step backward. And although I would love to believe that liberal Americans will not let this happen, he still managed to invade Iraq, so my confidence is not rock-solid.