I hate Joel Spolsky. First he talked about the perfect office he implemented for his software consulting company. An office that I want so much but am unlikely to ever be able to create or work in. And now, every time he reviews a book he makes me want that too. And I don’t have the cash for any of this!! *pouts*

All jokes aside, the book Joel is talking about this month looks an absolute jem. A collection of all the proven realities of software engineering .. what goes wrong, over and over again. And in case you’re one of those naive developers who thinks that corporations and development teams alike must have learnt these lessons by now … trust me, they haven’t. Despite Brooks’ best attempts people are still added to late projects (making them later), users are still not involved in development early enough and all other manner of stupid mistakes are still made, all the time.

It’s definitely made my Xmas list … if only I could make all the software developers and managers in the world read it as well!