More blogging as external memory …

Everyone else has probably already linked to this, but just to give it extra extra coverage: The Grinch Who Stole Linux.

I’ve been reading Rebel Code this past week and would highly recommend it to anyone. Even if you don’t like the idea of Linux, it shows remarkable insight into development models and their vagaries. Also very interesting (and ironic) that because of lawsuits at one point in the development of Linux, they purposefully chose to develop things from scratch.

Towers of Hanoi — no, not another programming exercise, just some guy proving that exchange commission is an evil evil thing.

Steve: Don’t Eat It! is possibly one of the most disturbing tales I’ve ever found. You really do read it wishing that he hadn’t tried the pickled pork rind and other interesting foodstuffs he managed to lay his hands on. Not sure where I picked this up.

Quite likely though, it is from the absolutely hilarious Mimi Smartypants. My favourite excerpt from the particular entry the link is to is:

“We have a new voicemail system at work and now it tells me that I can change my “personal options” by pressing 1. I can go to grad school, become a lesbian, go work at the paper-clip factory, or marry a swarthy Greek guy and settle down in the suburbs. All at the push of a button.”

Also, my friend Andy is holding a “Vote for your favourite cow” poll. To participate, click on this here banner thingey he has kindly supplied:

Martin also brought the following to my attention:
Fedex body parts package and Crocodile Hunter in Hong Kong

That’s about all the randomness I can muster for now … and our connection keeps dropping, which is apparently something to do with BT…