Well, I haven’t had the most productive of weekends, in blogging terms.

I have however, seen Matrix Revolutions (most enjoyable), helped Elmyra sort out some stuff for the redesign and restructuring of the Bath SciFi Website and read an awful lot of UserFriendly (another web comic. I might be dealing with a nascent addiction here).

We also made chocolate mousse after finding this fantastic recipe. Read it. Use it. Link to it (read the rant at the bottom about Google searches for chocolate mousse recipes, btw). It’s suitable for those on low carb (if you use properly dark chocolate and possibly replace the 4 tsp sugar with Splenda or whatever) and absolutely bloody gorgeous.

In other news, I seem destined to miss Neil Gaiman’s various signings this time round in the UK. I seem to be wandering off to many of the same areas of the country as him this week … but enough out of synch that my chances of attending a signing are slim –> none.

We will attempt to return to our regular schedule of tech talk that no one replies to sometime soon, but I am in Newcastle for the front part of the week on business, so possibly the chances aren’t too good. For the time being, have a look at Simon’s latest offering about “Full Page Zoom” which I found most interesting … and very possibly something I should implement for this site, because surely anyone with high res finds this site pretty hard to read…. *ponders*

PS This is one of the coolest things I found today (via BoingBoing and this was the best approximation we could get of me. Whaddaya think?