We went to see the latest Matrix movie today. Don’t worry, no spoilers — all I’ll say is that it wasn’t as good as it might have been, but it’s still very entertaining and well worth watching. Be warned that some scenes could be quite difficult for anyone with epileptic tendencies … and the cinema we went to definitely didn’t have good enough warning about this! The best part of the movie was actually extraneous to it — this article about Bill Gates and other tech billionaires buying up Warner Bros and everything surrounding the Matrix genre to redo the third film, to do it justice. It’s quality, go read it now.

Also, I lost quite a lot of productivity in the last couple of days to El Goonish Shive (which is why I haven’t posted in a day or so) … it’s very good and worth reading, but remember to put your life on hold!! 😉

This Guide to Interpreting Friendster Photos also made me laugh quite a lot (courtesy of BoingBoing)

And I think this is more from the people who did that Jump London thing a while back. I haven’t downloaded all the movies yet, but if it is it’s definitely worth a look. Warning: Might make you feel bad if you’re living a “sedate” lifestyle 😉