I’m not exactly sure how I got to this today, but Rob‘s site is really really amusing. I particularly enjoyed the (very detailed) descriptions of Halloween costumes and other incredible things he has made. My favourite, though, was definitely the Paparazzi costume!

My dad also texted me with details of this fantastic image of an iceberg breaking in two. It’s remarkably pretty, as well as fascinating. I must admit I don’t know enough Geography etc to know if this is a Bad Thing (TM) to be happening or not.

Also Neil Gaiman will be a guest at Penguicon which appears to be a cross between a LUG and a Scifi con. Pity it’s unlikely I’ll be able to go, but hey!

Also, yesterday I managed to get 62% on the Geek Test which makes me an Extreme Geek in the Top 10. I am somewhat perturbed by this … as many of my far geekier friends have scored much lower. Does it make me more of a geek to complain about the inaccuracy of the geek test?

And a more detailed look at the claims that cats make you mad via a parasite easily contracted by humans … as well as rats. Glad we keep good company 😉

Oh and ooh ooh ooh someone please tell me if this is for real and this too [Warning: movie]. I really don’t know if they’re serious or not!!