Section 28 has finally come off the statute books in England and Wales. Scotland, quite sensibly, got rid of it 3 years ago. Being a little more behind the time, here the House of Lords only voted it out in March.

Section 28 prohibited local authorities from “promoting” homosexuality or even gay families. This was bad enough, meaning that teachers could never (even if they wanted to) say “Well, Billy has 2 dads, but that’s just fine”, but the confusion surrounding this little legislative beauty meant that there was close to complete silence in schools over anything gay-related. Gay support groups for teenagers were shut down, teachers were fired and all sorts of similar silliness.

Well now it’s gone and hopefully there will be some progressive moves to improve the situation for all the young LGB kids in schools scared out of their skins for being different.

Also, one of the original doctors who said there might be a link between autism and the MMR vaccine has now said that there is not only further research to prove no link but also a real risk of a measles epidemic due to the record low uptake of the vaccine.

Elly also has an interesting post about the claims that Harry Potter books give kids headaches.