Following on from my recent post about ergonomics, I found that Simon is also advocating banishing RSI via the use of WorkRave. There was also an interesting discussion in the comments about how really what we need is for input devices to become more ergonomically designed, as well as a great link to someone’s testimony about the Dvorak keyboard layout.

Personally although I can see the advantages of the Dvorak layout, I don’t think I’ll be able to switch to it for a very common reason … I use computers all over the place. And I remember how bloody annoying it was when I still had my South African keyboard (the main difference is no ? sign and @ & ” are switched) and had to try use uni computers. Until I can know that I can easily and transparently switch layouts on any machine (perhaps some sort of webservice that I ping and get to reconfigure whatever keyboard I’m working on now, as well as put it back when I’m done) then I won’t switch. I don’t think I really type that much anyway 😉