There’s a fantastic article in the Economist all about how the end of the world’s absolute dependence on oil (in its various forms) is possibly closer than we expect. It has a number of interesting points about how, scientifically, the revolutions needed to replace petrol as the main fuel of public and private transport really are underway, or just on the horizon.

The article ends though, with some criticism of how President Bush and the rest of congress are approaching this situation wrong. I say all power to them. Let them spend their time worrying about how to get more guaranteed sources of oil for less. Now, all the other countries in the world, let’s sneak out the back door whilst they’re not looking and go get ourselves some non-pollutant cars and cheaper energy and little green Startrek outfits. That way in about 10 years time, we can make a killing and retake the global economy by selling fresh air to America!