Imagine there’s a big sign up. It will get sorted soon, I promise, but right now I need porridge

See you all in a bit…

“Later that same day……..”

Well, there’s a lot of things changed around here, not just the colour theme:

Thanks to Phil Ringnalda’s Blogroll Tutorial and Script and some help from Simon I’ve managed to get my powered blogroll to appear and auto-update down the side.

I’ve also wrestled with CSS for the first time (despite Tony’s protestations I still think it’s not as hard as he says) and found it very useful and much cleaner than I’d expected. I should think I’ve committed all sorts of heinous crimes, though, so would my more in touch with webstandards friends (and anyone else for that matter!) please feel free to take a look, analyse and correct 🙂

Otherwise it was mainly a structural redesign and a “jeez this needs to look less like out the box Movable Type”. I think it’s better now, but have only tested in IE 6, Mozilla and Firebird, on a 1024×768 screen. If anyone finds it looks hideous (or just has comments on the layout) please let me know … I haven’t done many websites in the past and am happy to learn 🙂