… although I did find some interesting things, from all over the place, and have sadly lost most of the parent nodes, so apologies to anyone who I nicked a link off and haven’t noted here. TBH, I mainly just don’t want to lose the links! 😉 More of the blogging as external memory.

All the non-dithering colours you could ever want to try tell the difference between.

A fantastic tutorial to teach you all about floats

How to set up a cron job (although I didn’t use that method in the end)

Listamatic — for very, very pretty lists

Some brief examples about CSS figures and captions

How to achieve the header + 3 columns layout, via Glish.com

I found this redesign very interesting to do, as I’ve never really used CSS before (I know, I know, I’m behind the times). I did find it quite easy to understand and very clean to use. I am quite impressed. So how late am I really? What’s replacing CSS and how soon?