I really did intend to come back and post some more the other day. But the train ride was long and I really couldn’t be bothered to plug everything in and start it all up, so sorry 😉

It does mean, though, that I have a fair number of links to get out of my tabs:

Sony have brought out a new hi-tech version of an imaginary friend for all the lonely kiddies out there

This pretty much instant tree renderer looks absolutely stunning and makes me wish even more that I had a decent graphics card!

The Gender Genie looks really quite cool, but thought I was a guy (according to my writing style) 2 out of 3 times. No chocolate for you! Possibly though it’s not dealt to deal with lesbians particularly well 😉

For anyone who hasn’t yet, please go and sign the Petition against EU Software Patenting … if you don’t know why you should yet there’s loads of info on the site!

There were some others but I think they’ve been lost in the mean time…