This week’s OK/Cancel is all about ergonomics. It’s a great article and the case study where Loot and their changing approach is considered is really excellent. I agree that there are still major issues with the “right” way to sit and work at a computer … I’m very interested to see what comes of Tom’s brainstorming …

However, the best thing to come out of the cartoon this week is that one of the comments led me to Workrave — definitely my favourite bit of software for today. It’s a fantastic little program that runs while you work, reminding you to take “focus on something else for 30secs” as well as “stand up and walk around” breaks, all to help you prevent RSI. Made for Linux, but with an excellent Windows port, it can also keep track of how long you’ve worked on your PC today … and warn you if you start spending too much time.

Quality stuff!!

Also, you might have noticed that the blog’s had a bit of a redesign. I know some of the creases still need ironing out (like the blogroll dates — thanks for the advice on that, Si!) and the rest of the site needs sorting, but isn’t it prettier now? Also, does anyone know how the hell to assign multiple categories in Movable Type? It’s doing my head in!