Nelson Mandela is allowing his prisoner ID number (46664) to be used to identify a theme tune and a concert to raise the awareness of Aids across the world, the BBC reports.

Personally I think this is really really important. Part of this is because I am South African, so statistically around 40% of the people I grew up with are already or will be infected. But part of it is because it really really scares me that the attitude in the Western world is so “not our problem”. To be perfectly honest, the better levels of education with respect to Aids, HIV etc in South Africa probably mean that more of those I come into contact with in the UK will end up dying of the disease than those I grew up with.

Micro$oft are putting big brother controls into email although if this is as buggy as the rest of Outlook then I figure it will be a false security-blanket for the naive.

Perseus reckons most people abandon their blogs surprise, surprise; and Newsday figures that terror profiles are ineffective.

Also, at the end of the day, anyone with internet access can learn to be a terrorist. What will make them into actual terrorists will be some spark … of belief, of psychosis, of duty. How the hell do you survey that??