Well, we went up Table Mountain today.

Those who know me will be expecting a tourist trap rant. Don’t worry, I’m pretty calm (although I will say they could do to learn how to make a decent cheeseburger and chips) and it was actually a pretty nice day.

I got a little sunburnt, because once we’d gone up (1000 metres!!!) in about 2 minutes (2 minutes!!!) in the cable car, we wandered around on top of the mountain for quite a while. It’s really quite breathtakingly beautiful … and you forget how wonderful your own country can look, particularly if you spend most of your life at sea level.

There were lots of little (and not so little) lizards scurrying about, which were quite entertaining. Unfortunately no dassies, but we did get to see a snake. It was quite cute, only about a foot and a half long. We then got to see the little snake attack, seemingly kill and slowly eat a lizard about half its size. It might sound gross but it was really mesmerizing. We also managed to earn eternal gratitude from any number of tourists for pointing it out to them. Bless.

That’s about all that deserves a blog entry … mainly we’ve just been being on holiday, playing pool and seeing friends!!