I’ve been continuing on my search to find information about how project blogs can and do work in the real world. Admittedly I don’t have time at the moment to trawl Google to a great extent, but I did find this interesting article about the threat that blogware poses to Content Management Systems.

The article is about a year old and although biased (it’s written by the owner of a company selling blogware and zineware) it does have some great points. Blogware is easier to use than your average CMS. It is almost as powerful, given what most people do with a website (and most companies). And the current blogging trend is definitely resulting in a much more dynamic webplace than we previously encountered.

In fact, Joel Spolsky‘s company Fogcreek have released Citydesk which appears to be a CMS/blogware combination — all the ease of use of blogware, with many of the properties and powers of a CMS.

Since the article seems to think that blogware was going to mean the end of CM systems, I wonder how the current market is responding. Are these trends real or have companies still not caught on to the blogging paradigm?