Now, forgive me for this little rant, but I grew up in South Africa. There are people there that actually starve to death and don’t get television coverage. There are people (our great leaders among them) that spent 20 years in prison cells not much larger than his silly little glass box. Mandela’s decades in prison meant something — he was malnourished, badly treated, viewed as a political threat to all and sundry, but at the end of the day he emerged to lead my country. His struggle was worth something and the fact that he is not bitter, following this long ordeal, in my mind makes him the closest to a saint that I’ll ever believe in.

David Blaine, on the other hand, is a bit of a monkey. He’s fattened himself up (cheating!) to go on an elaborate hunger strike FOR NO REASON. It will not help bring about world peace, increase the realms of democracy or do anyone but himself, his agents and Sky (or whoever’s bought the rights) any good whatsoever.

There are good reasons for hunger strikes … there are also people who I’m sure have gone “44 days and 44 nights” (with contaminated water, as well) without food … if he were giving his money to them, I might be able to respect him. However he’s doing all this for his own good, his own publicity. He deserves all the derision the British public wish to heap upon him.