Well, we went up Table Mountain today.

Those who know me will be expecting a tourist trap rant. Don’t worry, I’m pretty calm (although I will say they could do to learn how to make a decent cheeseburger and chips) and it was actually a pretty nice day.

I got a little sunburnt, because once we’d gone up (1000 metres!!!) in about 2 minutes (2 minutes!!!) in the cable car, we wandered around on top of the mountain for quite a while. It’s really quite breathtakingly beautiful … and you forget how wonderful your own country can look, particularly if you spend most of your life at sea level.

There were lots of little (and not so little) lizards scurrying about, which were quite entertaining. Unfortunately no dassies, but we did get to see a snake. It was quite cute, only about a foot and a half long. We then got to see the little snake attack, seemingly kill and slowly eat a lizard about half its size. It might sound gross but it was really mesmerizing. We also managed to earn eternal gratitude from any number of tourists for pointing it out to them. Bless.

That’s about all that deserves a blog entry … mainly we’ve just been being on holiday, playing pool and seeing friends!!

Well, we’re here in Stellenbosch and having a great time. We arrived last Thursday, after a nice 12 hour flight, where the true crampedness of economy class long haul flights really shone through. I hate cattle class. It hurts.

We’ve spent a few days primarily muppeting about in Stellies, shopping and settling into the flat we’ve rented. The weather is nice (averaging about 20 degrees C) and sunny most of the day. Since it’s spring here it is still raining, but unlike in England it just rains some of the time (and really hard when it does!) but the rest of the day is bright and crisp and sunny.

It’s great fun so far … and steak is only about 3 GBP a kilo! My idea of heaven, definitely. It’s good to be home.

I’m wandering off to South Africa this evening, for my first trip home in over two years. Elly is coming with me, so it should be really really good, even if she is a bit nervous about meeting my history, my friends, my country and my upbrining all in one go 😉

Nobody reads this yet anyway, but I figured I should say, just in case anyone stumbled across Meriblog and figured it was dead because there are no updates in the next fortnight.

Hell, if you’re really lucky I might even blog whilst I’m on holiday!

I’ve been continuing on my search to find information about how project blogs can and do work in the real world. Admittedly I don’t have time at the moment to trawl Google to a great extent, but I did find this interesting article about the threat that blogware poses to Content Management Systems.

The article is about a year old and although biased (it’s written by the owner of a company selling blogware and zineware) it does have some great points. Blogware is easier to use than your average CMS. It is almost as powerful, given what most people do with a website (and most companies). And the current blogging trend is definitely resulting in a much more dynamic webplace than we previously encountered.

In fact, Joel Spolsky‘s company Fogcreek have released Citydesk which appears to be a CMS/blogware combination — all the ease of use of blogware, with many of the properties and powers of a CMS.

Since the article seems to think that blogware was going to mean the end of CM systems, I wonder how the current market is responding. Are these trends real or have companies still not caught on to the blogging paradigm?

Now, forgive me for this little rant, but I grew up in South Africa. There are people there that actually starve to death and don’t get television coverage. There are people (our great leaders among them) that spent 20 years in prison cells not much larger than his silly little glass box. Mandela’s decades in prison meant something — he was malnourished, badly treated, viewed as a political threat to all and sundry, but at the end of the day he emerged to lead my country. His struggle was worth something and the fact that he is not bitter, following this long ordeal, in my mind makes him the closest to a saint that I’ll ever believe in.

David Blaine, on the other hand, is a bit of a monkey. He’s fattened himself up (cheating!) to go on an elaborate hunger strike FOR NO REASON. It will not help bring about world peace, increase the realms of democracy or do anyone but himself, his agents and Sky (or whoever’s bought the rights) any good whatsoever.

There are good reasons for hunger strikes … there are also people who I’m sure have gone “44 days and 44 nights” (with contaminated water, as well) without food … if he were giving his money to them, I might be able to respect him. However he’s doing all this for his own good, his own publicity. He deserves all the derision the British public wish to heap upon him.

I’ve been in Newcastle all this week, visiting my company’s other main office in the UK. It’s been great trip — I’d not been this far north before and it’s beautiful! The only downside is that I’ve realised how insanely annoying the touchpad on my laptop is. I keep brushing it with my thumbs as I type and ending up typing in a completely different place to where I want to type!

Irritations aside, the reason I had to come up here was because a number of my projects have key users and influencers up here. In order to discuss things properly and to keep people up-to-date on project events, a lot of travel is necessary. As I was on the way up on the train, however, I was thinking about how project blogs might be able to solve some of this.

Right … well, now that everything is set up and working I should probably get back to my day job! I’ll be back later to write something more interesting. After all, the reason I’ve set up this blog is mainly just because I keep finding interesting links and things and have lots to share. So more of that later!

Incidentally, whack a comment in if you find this site … I’m not sure how easy it’s going to be. I’m going to leave it for a while and see how many people discover it without my having to advertise at all 🙂